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What They're Saying

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Mary, and came to know her as a valuable asset to our Creative Team. She is experienced, fashion-conscious and hard-working." 


-Kim Falkenhayn

President at Okabashi Brands, INC. 

"Mary Melissa brought creativity and confidence to her styling work with us. She is easy to work with, accommodating and professional." 


-Bevin Valentine Jalbert

Co-Editor, Paprika Southern 

"Mary Melissa is a creative force whom I have had the privilege of working with on a number of projects.... I often refer to her as a quiet storm. Mary is one of those people whose abilities seem endless. Her expertise in experience coupled with her educated skill sets make her a valuable asset to any team....
Personally, I've always enjoyed working with Mary and I would recommend her for any project even if just for consulting purposes. She doesn't just come with knowledge and wisdom...she comes with purpose and passion."


- Elliot Carlyle
Creative Director and Publicist.

"Mary would be a true asset for any company because she is an incredibly hard-working, dedicated professional."


- Dominica Baird
Global Director of Trends at Maybelline

"Mary is highly creative and adept at communicating her vision. She is also an excellent producer, able to keep the team motivated and on track.... I would work with her again in a heartbeat!"


- Ai-ling Chang
Director of Video Course Production at Pluralsight
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